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Traditional revenue streams for mobile network operators (MNOs) or carriers are facing stagnation; the imperative to explore alternative avenues for profitability has never been more critical. is a trusted global identity provider, offering SIM card-based solutions that allow MNOs to unlock the full potential of their data. Here’s how we seamlessly integrate with MNOs, providing a simple and efficient route to market, and revenue:


Monetising data is not just an important revenue stream; it’s a lifeline for MNOs looking to thrive in an evolving market. simplifies the setup process, enabling tech, development, and delivery teams to connect with operators within hours seamlessly. Our extensive experience working with MNOs ensures a smooth transition and data monetisation.

Our tech team developed the original mobile identity APIs with the GSMA in the nineties, the infancy of mobile – think brickphones rather than smartphones – and have been innovating and deploying APIs ever since; there is no better team when it comes to exposing data compliantly, securely and reliably.

Unlocking Revenue Streams: - an Official Open Gateway Channel Partner

As well as our bespoke route, it couldn’t be simpler to unlock the potential of GSMA Open Gateway APIs with We’ve streamlined the deployment of Open Gateway APIs through four packages making it effortless for Mobile Network Operators and enterprises to tap into new revenue streams.

As an official GSMA Open Gateway Channel Partner, we offer you our robust, secure, and compliant platform, SAFr – The Sekura API Framework – to deploy the Open Gateway APIs.

We call it, “Open Gateway in a box”.

Our comprehensive packages are designed to simplify API exposure and deployment. Whether you’re an operator aiming to commercialise network capabilities or an enterprise seeking to leverage mobile identity services, there is no easier way to use Open Gateway APIs.

We created four packages:

We aim for swift deployment within six weeks and a clear path to revenue generation in just twelve weeks. Our low-code solutions and deep experience facilitate quick go-to-market strategies, ensuring you can capitalise on your investment promptly.

Rapid Deployment and Revenue Generation:


Put simply, because we’re the best at what we do. Our team are adept at working with operators and deploying APIs, quickly and without any issues. We can take care of everything our end and help with yours too. Technical knowledge? It’s yours. Coding and bespoke solutions? It’s yours. Help every step of the way from dedicated delivery, partner and marketing teams. That’s yours too. Need more reasons? Here’s a few:

More than just a Super-Aggregator, is rapidly expanding its partner network and roster of identity vendors who realise the benefit of partnering with a specialist with unique, humanising products and services and a unique platform that is the envy of the industry

MNOs benefit from a straightforward, single route to monetise their data, avoiding the complexity of individual data deals with numerous end customers.

The Advantage:

Consultancy for Operators offers strategic consultancy services to MNOs, aiding them in navigating the intricacies of data monetisation. Offering bespoke consultancy has been instrumental for operators, or groups of operators to go-to-market, alone or with behind them. Here’s where can help:


We think‘s collaborative approach, extensive partner network, and comprehensive suite of services position us as the ideal partner for MNOs seeking to monetise their data in what most agree is somewhere between transformative change and troubled times for operators. Partner with us to help maximise future revenue from mobile telecommunications.

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