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Passwordless, seamless and inclusive, reaching +2.5 billion people and trusted by global identity vendors and mobile network operators, think of what we do as an awesome customer experience with mobile authentication, verification and fraud prevention built in. is proud to be an official GSMA Open Gateway Channel partner as well as providing unique real-time customer insight from mobile operators to global banks, fintechs, crypto and consumer brands via one simple API connection.


Official GSMA Open Gateway Channel Partner and trusted partners of network operators and enterprises globally:

Onboarding and logins your customers will love

Reduce clicks, frustration and abandoned onboards and logins. No passwords, no hassle.

Compliant, mobile ID verification and authentication is simple to deploy and dramatically improves the customer journey while robustly protecting your company, and reputation, from fraud actors.

Understand who your customer is. Or isn't

The better you know your customer, the better the service you can give them.

With 66 separate data signals available from the SIM, discover a whole new world of powerful insight – always up-to-the-second accurate and in real-time. Reward genuine customers and build loyalty with the service and content they deserve.

All mobile identity services. One API call

Take care of KYC and AML. Add in SIM swap. See whether a number can be trusted with Number Verify.

Get rich user data with Mobile-to-Person Match. Verify age. See tenure, porting, number recycling, home network and more. Detect APP fraud.

Remove reliance on SMS OTP. Easily add in products to suit your risk-decisioning flow. One API call does it all.

Why work with Sekura?

Unique partner model

As a partner, you’ll enjoy having best-in-class mobile identity products to offer your portfolio. Many end-users aren’t aware of the myriad benefits that deploying mobile intelligence solutions can bring them.

Full end-customer support

Complementing our partner model, we’re also adept at working with end-customers directly and can offer our technical knowledge straight to your customer, from initial scoping meetings to full service delivery.

Dedicated teams

Help every step of the way from our dedicated partner, delivery and tech teams and ongoing tech support. We don’t stop there; our marketing, admin and accounting teams get just as involved with you too.

Legitimate live insight

Our unique SAFr API is designed to be fast and easy to connect to; service can be up and running in a matter of hours as a proof of concept or straight to live. Our tech and delivery teams take care of everything too.

An easy & fast go-to-market

Don’t rely on out-of-date insight when risk decisioning. Some data can be up to three months old or can be ‘scraped’ or ‘grey data’. Live mobile network operator data is always accurate and always totally compliant.

Identity is in our DNA

It’s all we do. It’s everything we do. Led by the founders of mobile identity, our team are thought leaders, innovators, invited speakers and identity evangelists with several lifetimes of combined experience.

Not just another mobile identity firm

Honest. Open. Demystifying. We bring clarity and straightforward answers in an industry full of promises. We’re an enabler. A disrupter. We use the building blocks of mobile identity to provide best-in-class solutions with a unique, no-competition partner model. We are ordinary, talented people who,together, do extraordinary things. We’re making the world a SAFr place.

Making the world a SAFr place

The Sekura API Framework (SAFr) ‘humanises’ the login process using the trusted, secure cryptography that’s been built in to the SIM since 1991. Sekura also enables digital freedom for unbanked and under-banked people in emerging economies and improve access to digital services regardless of technology. A truly ubiquitous trust solution on a global scale.

Unrivalled coverage. Growing fast

With service from major mobile network operators available on six continents, our global coverage continues at pace, as does our aim to be connected to +7 billion existing mobile users. With offices on three continents, we firmly believe in thinking globally and acting locally

Adults covered by Sekura

2.5 billion people globally
0 bn

Mobile operators connected now

Mobile operators globally

Coverage increase 2021 to 2022

Coverage increase 2022
0 %

Mobile identity inventors. Now shaping the future

Founding the original industry APIs, our tech team constantly pushes the limits of mobile identity. With AI, ML and blockchain in our roadmap, a lithe and infinitely scalable platform, and a highly capable team of experienced experts, no wonder global companies choose Sekura as the go-to for mobile identity.

Leave ordinary behind. Truly better mobile identity solutions

Sekura uses the already-connected world to establish trust. With direct, live mobile data on tap through an unrivalled network of operators and partners you gain a clear advantage. Our coverage and speed of go-to-market as well the speed of our API is unparalleled. Want to bring your current traffic? Let’s talk

Secure, passwordless, live mobile intelligence across every use case, even ones we don't know yet...

Sekura works with global tier-1 banks, fintech, e-commerce and retail companies. Gaming, gambling and cryptocurrency companies too. And it doesn’t stop there; if you need to protect your company from fraud, want to give your customer an awesome log-in experience and want to use exclusive live mobile insight, talk to us.


Everyone's different. Bring your own use case

Discover how and where we can fit into your flow, whatever your use case. We believe there are as many types of companies as there are companies. With such rich insight available from the SIM and mobile network, there are use cases that even we haven’t discovered yet…

Don't just take our word for it...

Let’s protect your customers together

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