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Fraudsters work fast. Get real-time operator insight.

Go beyond legacy SIM Swap data and connect simply and easily to the best-in-class SIM Swap solution from Using the Superpower of the SIM card and real-time Mobile Network Operator data, enjoy the most up-to-date, accurate SIM Swap there is, teamed with reports that allow you to determine risk levels. We’re confident you cannot get a more effective SIM Swap solution.

When someone convinces your mobile network operator to transfer your phone number to a new SIM card. This can be done by convincing the carrier’s customer support, in-person or online, that the new SIM card request is legitimate, often by providing some personal information about you. It’s likely this information will have been phished.

Once swapped, the fraudster with the new SIM card receives your calls and messages and gains access to your identity via two-factor authentication codes. They can now take over your accounts and transfer the contents of your bank accounts to another. It’s a particular nasty form of identity theft which can have devastating financial and personal consequences.

What is a SIM Swap?

Why do I need SIM Swap insight?

Or, more to the point, “What’s the business benefit or ROI?”. SIM Swap isn’t the easiest crime to pull off: It entails a significant degree of risk for the fraudster who will try to convince a network operator that they are someone else.

Many fraudsters will bribe an employee to carry out a SIM Swap which requires investment which they will want to recoup.

It follows that when a SIM Swap is performed the fraudster will want to fully maximise the damage and try to empty bank accounts, steal crypto, take over services, take out large loans etc. 

This hurts your enterprise in non-payment, reimbursement, chargebacks, time in processing claims, and reputational loss. SIM Swaps devastate companies and their customers.

Why use

Speed. And the unique way we supply insight directly from mobile operators. A fraudster must work as fast as possible once the SIM has been swapped. works with operators to provide the time stamp of the last SIM change live, in real-time meaning that transactions can be flagged as suspicious, or even refused, if the SIM has been changed even seconds ago. This is key for risk-decisioning.

Uniquely,’s data is live where others use (cheaper) static data that can be three or four days old. Their ‘synthetic’ SIM Swap reports only the time the database was updated, not the time the SIM was changed. The result is non-detection of a recent SIM Swap – given that fraudulent SIM Swaps occur almost immediately, synthetic, static data is not fit for purpose. 


SIM Swap is part of the Sekura API Framework (SAFr). The response from operators is so fast, we have actually had to build artificial delays in for some clients.

Unhackable & unspoofable

Since 1991 the humble SIM card has never been hacked or spoofed. The SIM card is the key to Mobile Identity. The 'I' in SIM stands for Identity, after all. There is no more robust technology than the SIM to identity who someone is.

Zero user intervention

SIM Swap from does not rely on active user participation, nor does it give the fraudster an opportunity to circumvent a SIM Swap check. It's zero intervention and zero tolerance on SIM Swap.

One API call

A number of other fraud-prevention signals can be added to SIM Swap – all delivered through the same single call to the SAFr API. For example, before running a SIM Swap check, you might check it's valid first.


100% of mobile devices are automatically enabled for SIM Swap as it uses the SIM in any phone or IoT device, on mobile or Wi-Fi.


There's no such thing as a 'standard' customer. You'll typically want to put SIM Swap into your risk decisioning flow and our API is flexible enough to allow you to 'traffic light' SIM Swap risk. You might want to reject any transactions or new business from a SIM that has been swapped in the last four hours. Flag for further investigation a SIM that has been changed in the last 24 hours.

Inclusive security

Inclusiveness by design - SIM Swap maintains the same level of security on IOS, Android or for that matter, any phone - basic handsets, feature phones and smartphones. It's another way is 'humanising' identity.

Uses cryptography in the SIM card

The cryptographic key and the algorithms in the SIM use the SIM as a secure hardware, another layer of security against the would-be fraudster.

Uniquely ultra-secure

Complement SIM Swap through the SAFr platform with our unique secure flow and connection to operators providing additional services such as authentication to mitigate attack vectors like phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks. We believe we are the only Mobile Identity solution provider who offers this 360° total security.

Generative AI-proof's SIM Swap service is not impacted by the recent revolution in Generative AI, a looming trillion-dollar fraud problem, which threatens active authentication methods including biometrics. The SIM is immune from generative AI threats.

The data returned to the company was very positively received and convinced the business that Mobile Identity and fraud signals will provide them with a strong and customisable approach to fraud and risk challenges.

Case study

A major UK online personal loans and credit card company saw:

  • An 84% success rate in returning a SIM Swap result when examining credit card applications
  • 81% of loan applications returning a SIM Swap result
  • 0.3% of SIMs having been swapped 0-7 days – due to the high volume of records, this is a significant amount of potential fraud
  • An application for a loan for £25,000 with a very-recently swapped SIM which was flagged and stopped
  • Confidence in their existing customer database successfully deployed SIM Swap and other services to deliver:

  • Increased application acceptance
  • Reduced onboarding friction
  • Reduced payment processing friction
  • Reduced time spent in manual review

How does SIM Swap work?

SIM Swap is part of the Sekura API Framework (SAFr). A simple API connects us to Mobile Network Operators’ data and allows us to match user details in real-time from a customer’s SIM card. does not see, or hold this data, we simply provide a timestamp.

We determine exactly when the customer’s SIM was last swapped. This crucial information can be integrated into your risk-decisioning or payment flow quickly and easily via the SAFr platform – one simple API connection and you’re armed with a powerful anti-fraud tool.

Who uses SIM Swap checks?

Global Tier-1 banks and financial institutions. Retail enterprises. Gaming and gambling companies. Cryptocurrency companies. Insurers and many more. Any company that wants to protect itself and its customers from the typically huge potential losses that SIM Swaps are renowned for, such as mortgage or loan applications, large cryptocurrency or car purchases etc., not to mention the reputational damage that sees concerned customers driven into the arms of competitors. We also find that enterprises who understand SIM Swap trust’s service over others’ as they appreciate the fundamental advantage of our unique solution.

How can I try SIM Swap?

We can give you a sandbox environment to allow you to try SIM Swap out. Our customer, partner, onboarding, technology and delivery teams are all experts, totally knowledgable about what we can do (and what we can’t) and are all yours during your journey, from initial enquiry, to POC, to switching on live service. 

SIM Swap from is an awesome tool and the service is just as awesome too, we’re pretty confident that once you try both, you won’t look back.

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