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Passwordless, fast, reliable and ultra-secure. Upgrade to next-level Mobile Identity Auth & IDV.

Go beyond SMS OTP, beyond Passkeys and Biometrics and connect simply and easily to the best-in-class Auth solution from Using the Superpower of the SIM card and real-time Mobile Network Operator data, enjoy the most robust, secure authentication there is, teamed with a user experience that requires zero intervention from your customer. A truly awesome authentication and IDV solution.

It’s game-changing Mobile Identity authentication. It’s an SMS OTP replacement. It’s a way of passwordlessly authenticating anyone with a mobile phone, directly through their SIM card with no user intervention. It’s the envy of the IDV industry.

More secure and convenient than biometrics and Passkeys, and never needing two-factor security, SAFr Auth is a uniquely secure solution used by global Tier-1 banks and enterprises to absolutely, and reliably, verify customers in real time.

What is SAFr Auth?

13x better than SMS OTP?

Absolutely. SMS OTP was never designed for security; Short Message Service is just that – an insecure message that can be hacked or spoofed. uses the unhackable, unspoofable cryptography in the SIM to identify the owner of the SIM card. 

The result? An accurate, real-time verification of a user that’s 100% reliable (many SMS OTPs never actually reach their target) and doesn’t need clunky 2FA authenticator apps or SMS OTP codes. Here’s why SAFr Auth is 13x better…


SAFr Auth is six times faster than SMS OTP. So fast, we have actually had to build artificial delays in for some clients.

Unhackable & unspoofable

Since 1991 the humble SIM card has never been hacked or spoofed. The SIM card is the key to Mobile Identity. The 'I' in SIM stands for Identity, after all. There is no more robust technology than the SIM to identify who someone is.

Zero user intervention

SAFr Auth does not rely on active user participation, it removes the weakest link (the user) from the authentication process and at the same time provides much greater convenience for the user - no SMS OTPs to receive and enter.

One API call

A number of other fraud-prevention signals can be added to SAFr Auth – such as SIM Swap Timestamp, Call Forward flag etc. – all delivered through the same single call to the SAFr API. For example, before authenticating a number, you can check it's valid first.

No user account required

SAFr Auth does not need any additional user account to be created – which may itself rely on passwords, SMS OTPs, authenticator apps, Passkeys, biometrics etc., for example, Apple ID, Gmail ID etc. These are all convenient, but they will always rely on an account, a password and 2FA. SAFr Auth needs none of these.


100% of mobile devices are automatically enabled for SAFr Auth as it uses the SIM in any phone or IoT device, on mobile or Wi-Fi.

Seamless & passwordless

SAFr Auth provides a complete seamless authentication experience; the user does not need to do anything at all – perfectly balancing convenience and security, SAFr Auth can be used for “continuous” authentication, without impacting the UX in any way

Inclusive security

Inclusiveness by design - SAFr Auth maintains the same level of security on IOS, Android or for that matter, any phone - basic handsets, feature phones and smartphones. It's another way is 'humanising' identity.

Uses the cryptography in the SIM card

SAFr Auth uses cryptography similar to Passkeys, but the cryptographic key is already there in the SIM and does not need to be set up – unlike Passkeys. The cryptographic key and the algorithms use the SIM as a secure hardware, unlike Passkeys relying on the security of the device.


SAFr Auth is a context-aware smart orchestration which can use other authentication methods (WebAuthN, SMS OTP etc.) as a fallback when needed, absolutely seamlessly. It's 100% reliable authentication, always.

Uniquely ultra-secure

SAFr Auth's unique secure flow and connection to operators provides additional signals as well as authentication to mitigate attack vectors like phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks. We believe we are the only Mobile Identity solution provider who offers this 360° total security.

No device-binding needed

No device binding is needed, unlike Passkeys or biometrics: as long as there is a SIM card in the phone SAFr Auth just works straightaway, in fact, the moment the SIM card is inserted, and again, with no user intervention required.

Generative AI-proof

SAFr Auth is not impacted by the recent revolution in Generative AI, a looming trillion-dollar fraud problem, which threatens active authentication methods including biometrics. The SIM is immune from generative AI threats.

SAFr Auth is creating the Internet's missing Identity layer using the Superpower of the SIM. is ‘humanising’ the Internet with SAFr Auth. The Internet does not have an Identity layer, rather, it forces humans to behave like computers. 

SAFr Auth and the SIM in our phones allows humans to identify themselves without IP addresses, accounts, passwords, 2FA codes etc. It’s what the Internet has been missing ever since we started to interact with it.

How does SAFr Auth work?

SAFr Auth is part of the Sekura API Framework (SAFr). A simple API connects us to Mobile Network Operators’ data and allows us to match user details in real-time from a customer’s SIM card. does not see, or hold this data, we simply provide a match – yes or no – allowing you to risk-decision in your flow.

Along with this data we can detect phishing attempts and man-in-the-middle attacks too. The API can be integrated into your risk-decisioning or payment flow quickly and very easily. SAFr Auth is tried and tested, scalable and, with its low code, one of the greenest IDV tools available.

Who uses SAFr Auth?

Global Tier-1 banks and financial institutions. Retail enterprises. Gaming and gambling companies. Cryptocurrency companies. Insurers and many more. Any company that uses SMS OTP. In fact, there are use cases and verticals that even we don’t know yet.

Wherever there’s a need for robust, fast and reliable authentication, SAFr Auth is the best-in-class Mobile Identity solution for any company that wants next-level auth that prevents fraud while giving their genuine customers a VIP login. It’s a truly win-win service.

How can I try SAFr Auth?

We can give you a sandbox environment to allow you to try SAFr Auth out. Our customer, partner, onboarding, technology and delivery teams are all experts, totally knowledgable about what we can do (and what we can’t) and are all yours during your journey, from initial enquiry, to POC, to switching on live service. 

SAFr Auth is an awesome tool and the service is just as awesome too, we’re pretty confident that once you try both, you won’t look back.


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