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Open Gateway is a paradigm shift in service delivery; a huge opportunity for operators and enterprises to transform their revenue streams and roll out game-changing new services through Open is a trusted Open Gateway Channel partner using our experience and the SAFr platform to make that happen. Today.

What is Open Gateway?

Open Gateway is an initiative from the GSMA to enable Mobile Network Operators (MNOs, or carriers) to expose and commercialise their valuable signals and network capabilities through more than 90 standard APIs for enterprises to consume.

Why do MNOs need Channel Partners?

The MNO requires a specialist Channel Partner, like, who will help them expose the APIs using an Open Gateway platform. That is what as a channel partner does right now.

Is it just for operators/carriers?

No. Open Gateway is also for any enterprise that wants to consume services like SIM Swap, Number Verify, Auth, KYC etc. – more than 90 standard Open Gateway APIs. The enterprise requires a specialist Channel Partner who will help them expose MNO data using an Open Gateway platform. That is what does right now.

Why use

We’re chosen by GSMA as an Open Gateway Channel Partner as we have an incredibly robust, secure, industry-leading and fast platform, SAFr (Sekura API Framework). We’ve decades of experience, plus with over 2.5bn potential customers via 75 of the world’s leading operators on six continents already connected to our SAFr platform and hundreds of enterprises already consuming robust, compliant data, we’re a safe pair of hands.

Is Open Gateway a big deal?

Yes. The GSMA rightly describes Open Gateway as a ‘paradigm shift’ in service delivery. Open Gateway is a huge opportunity for operators and enterprises to transform their revenue streams and roll out game-changing new services. Ecosystem partners include AWS, Ericsson, Microsoft, Nokia, Vonage and Viettel Networks. is your Channel Partner making open Gateway happen. Right now.

Tell me more about the APIs

There are more than 90 APIs available right now, with anti-fraud and auth being the most in-demand services. There is also a provision for silent, passwordless authentication through’s patented, secure SAFr Auth. Here’s an overview of the current APIs. Or see more at the GSMA’s API page.


Device Identifier

Device Status

Device Status (Roaming Status)

KYC Fill-in

KYC Match

Number Verification

One Time Password SMS

SIM Swap

Mobile Connectivity/VAS:

Simple Edge Discovery

Home Devices Quality on

Device Location Verification

Quality on Demand

Carrier Billing

Fixed Connectivity:

Communication Services

Network Quality/Optimisation

Cloud & Edge: 

MPN Connectivity


Unified Communications:

Contact Centres

UC Voice




Global/Local Connectivity

Device Lifecycle Management

E2E Solutions (e.g. logistics, tracking)

Automotive (e.g. telematics)


Endpoint Management


Payments and Charging 


Everyone is talking about Open Gateway but few people truly understand what it means for operators and enterprises who want to be able to go to market today with simplified data through Open Gateway APIs.

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Open Gateway, initiated by GSMA, enables Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to commercialise their network capabilities through standard APIs for enterprises.

MNOs require specialised Channel Partners, like, to assist in exposing APIs through an Open Gateway platform like’s SAFr (Sekura API Framework)

No, Open Gateway is also for enterprises seeking services like SIM Swap, Number Verify, Auth, KYC, etc., facilitated by specialist Channel Partners.

Chosen and approved by GSMA, offers a robust, secure, and fast platform, SAFr (Sekura API Framework) with decades of experience, coverage of 2.5bn humans and over 75 connected operators.

GSMA describes Open Gateway as a ‘paradigm shift’, offering a huge opportunity for operators and enterprises to transform revenue streams.

Currently, Infobip, Ipification, Centillion, Huawei, Glide and BICS. Ecosystem partners include AWS, Ericsson, Microsoft, Nokia, Vonage and Viettel Networks. provides technical and commercial assistance, facilitating the integration and deployment of Open Gateway APIs.

The technical team originated the Mobile Identity APIs decades ago. With five years of experience of working with operators and enterprises through Mobile Identity APIs and a global network, is well-equipped to connect operators and enterprises seamlessly. Consultation services are available too. offers consultation and support, ensuring all MNOs can benefit from Open Gateway regardless of their financial or technical capabilities.

Over 240 operators have already signed up for Open Gateway, highlighting its widespread adoption within the industry. handles all compliance work, ensuring that all operations are in line with industry regulations and standards. Further, services generally do not entail holding or even seeing Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Open Gateway offers a wide range of services beyond fraud and auth, including SIM Swap, Number Verify, and many others. For the full list, see above.

Yes, is an approved and official GSMA channel partner, recognised for its expertise and reliability. Since 2019, has enabled the use of APIs to help operators and enterprises benefit from mobile identity data. can implement swift deployment within six weeks, ensuring that operators and enterprises can start benefiting from the platform as promptly as possible.

  • Leveraging its best-in-class SAFr platform, ensures that revenue starts flowing within 12 weeks of deployment. Our low-code solution makes go to market swift and easy.

Yes, handles all technical integration, making it easy for operators and enterprises to connect through the Open Gateway APIs. provides assistance with commercial aggregation, streamlining operations for operators and enterprises. For instance, if you’re an enterprise who wants to use the Open Gateway APIs, you’d have to sign contracts with each Mobile Network Operator. If you’re an operator, you’d have to sign contracts with multiple enterprises. We’ve done all the hard work for you and have the platform ready too.

Being part of the steering committee demonstrates’s commitment to shaping the future of Open Gateway and ensuring its success. By helping to develop how the APIs are deployed and steering their future, few partners have the deep knowledge does.

Mark Harvey

Leader, influencer, entrepreneur, and lead on creating Mobile Identity as a commercial concept

Mark Harvey, CEO says,

", as an official Open Gateway Channel Partner, is proud to collaborate with Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and enterprises to unlock the potential of Open Gateway, a GSMA initiative enabling the commercialisation of network capabilities through standard APIs.

Acting as the engine behind this transformative shift, offers a robust platform and decades of expertise, ensuring seamless integration and deployment of services like SIM Swap, Number Verify, and KYC. With over 240 operators committed, simplifies the path to revenue transformation, making it easy for operators and enterprises to go to market and embrace the opportunities presented by Open Gateway.

From technical integration to commercial aggregation, is your trusted partner, harmonising APIs and driving innovation at scale. Join us today in revolutionising service delivery and unlocking new possibilities for your business.

The ‘founding father’ of Mobile Identity APIs

Gautam Hazari, CTO says,

"The Open Gateway initiative enables a bridge between the extremely valuable assets, network capabilities and the data signals within mobile network operators globally and the digital world, exposed through developer-friendly standardised APIs, open commercial frameworks and catalyses a distributed and decentralised ecosystem where plurality of stakeholders is encouraged.

This fits extremely well within the vision and what has been leading in the digital world globally, pronouncing inclusiveness and humanised technology realisation."

Mobile Identity product evangelist and commercial specialist

Keiron Dalton, CPO says,

"Open Gateway represents an opportunity to further energise the mobile identity landscape, supporting our industry first aggressive continued delivery of the identity layer absent from the Internet.Demand for mobile identity solutions has never been in question, as a significant percentage of enterprises look to create a mobile-first approach.We see this initiative as a boost to meeting that demand, supporting the execution of global propositions.

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