Know your customer. Or fraudster.

Next-level onboarding, KYC, AML and trust building.

Go beyond IDV, beyond documents, beyond uploading sensitive materials and connect simply and easily to the best-in-class IDV solution from Using the Superpower of the SIM card and real-time Mobile Network Operator data, enjoy the most robust, accurate, and secure person-matching there is, teamed with a user experience that requires minimal details from your customer. A truly awesome Auth and IDV solution. Unlimited use cases.

It’s game-changing Mobile Identity verification. It’s a way of instantly matching who your customers says they are with their mobile operator, directly through their SIM card with little user intervention. It’s the envy of the IDV industry: match your customer’s details with just their mobile number. 

Used for mission-critical applications like insurance, loans, gaming, retail, credit and many more, our clients enjoy more onboards, more returning customers and an uplift across almost every part of the user journey, as well as significantly reducing their exposure to first-party and other fraud

What is Mobile-to-Person Match?

Why is MPM better than traditional IDV?

For our clients, it’s verified insight that comes directly from mobile network operators. This is live, in real-time and always up-to-date. Some data sources can be up to 90 days old. Traditional customer data depends on when that information was last updated. Privacy is paramount too – customer data is hashed and matched, never shared, and always within required consent guidelines ensuring that verified personal data is matched without any PII (Personally Identifiable Information) being shared. KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) processes can be fulfilled, knowing that the information is verified, timely and accurate.


Some methods of IDV can be up to three months old - mobile network operator data is always up-to-date, always live, and in real-time


Can customer data be secure and dynamic? Trusted and private? Anonymised and accurate? Absolutely. Match details with no PII shared between parties.


Take care of KYC and AML with MPM. Mobile-to-Person match allows you to derive and verify the very details you need for KYC and AML during signup and super-fast too.

Privacy. By design.

All data is hashed prior to sharing with the mobile operator allowing MPM to match name and address attributes without any Personally Identifiable Information being shared between parties. Dynamic data, privacy respected.

(Super) Powered by SIM

The SIM card does not need any additional user account to be created – which may itself rely on passwords, SMS OTPs, authenticator apps, Passkeys, biometrics etc., for example, Apple ID, Gmail ID etc. These are all convenient, but they will always rely on an account, a password and 2FA. MPM needs none of these.


100% of mobile devices are automatically enabled for SAFr Auth as it uses the SIM in any phone or IoT device, on mobile or Wi-Fi.


Instantly approve, reject or risk-decision customers in real-time. The Sekura API Framework (SAFr) returns matches or non-matches in milliseconds, improving your customer onboard journey immensely.


Widen your net by approving customers you may not usually approve. Consider the customer applying for a loan with little credit history but who always pays their monthly mobile bill.

Next-level onboards

May clients see immediate uplifts in onboards; new sign-ups are expensive, give them a VIP onboard from the outset and remove obstacles from the onboarding journey. Simpler, faster, more secure and crucially, allowing you to build trust and loyalty from the very first contact with your customer.


MPM is part of the SAFr (Sekura API Framework) platform. What does this mean? Say you fold in SIM Swap detection and SAFr Auth then you can authenticate your customer, onboard them, do KYC and AML, and check their SIM hasn't been swapped recently, all in one super-fast API call. One call really does do it all

No device-binding needed

No device binding is needed, unlike Passkeys or biometrics: as long as there is a SIM card in the phone MPM just works straightaway, in fact, the moment the SIM card is inserted, and again, with no user intervention required.

Unrivalled coverage

Covering more than 2.5 billion humans on six continents (and growing),'s coverage is second-to-none.

Generative AI-proof

MPM is not impacted by the recent revolution in Generative AI, a looming trillion-dollar fraud problem, which threatens IDV methods including biometrics. The SIM itself is immune from generative AI threats. and our operator connections are secure and trusted.

The data returned to the company was very positively received and convinced the business that Mobile Identity and fraud signals will provide them with a strong and customisable approach to fraud and risk challenges.

Case study

A well-known Currency Transfer Service saw improvements in:

  • Digital onboarding automatic acceptance
  • Improved referral onboards, increasing application acceptance
  • Fraud detection at onboarding
  • Risk decisioning based on type of customer (PAYG/PAYM)
  • Confidence in their existing customer database successfully deployed MPM and other services to deliver:

  • Increased application acceptance
  • Reduced onboarding friction
  • Reduced payment processing friction
  • Reduced time spent in manual review

Who uses Mobile-to-Person Match?

Global Tier-1 banks and financial institutions. Retail enterprises. Gaming and gambling companies. Cryptocurrency companies. Insurers. Loan companies and many more. Any company that needs to ensure their customers’ details are verified and accurate. In fact, there are use cases and verticals that even we don’t know yet.

Wherever there’s a need for robust, fast and reliable verification, MPM is the best-in-class Mobile Identity solution for any company that wants next-level IDV that prevents fraud while giving their genuine customers a VIP onboard and in-life journey. Mobile-to-Person Match: it’s a truly win-win service.

How can I try MPM?

We can give you a sandbox environment to allow you to try MPM out. Our customer, partner, onboarding, technology and delivery teams are all experts, totally knowledgable about what we can do (and what we can’t) and are all yours during your journey, from initial enquiry, to POC, to switching on live service. 

MPM is an awesome tool and the service is just as awesome too, we’re pretty confident that once you try both, you won’t look back. works with the industry’s leading Identity vendors. Be part of our exclusive partner network and add best-in-class mobile identity services to your portfolio.

Already on six continents, we’re on a mission to provide truly global mobile identity coverage, Unlock your mobile network’s potential by working with