SAFr Application

Leverage customer insight to make the consumer application process for new products seamless.

Use the superpower of the SIM card and Mobile-to-Person Match (MPM) to match real-time details from your customer.

Secure. Frictionless. Passwordless. With all the cryptography and device binding already in the SIM, there is no better, more secure or easier way to verify customer details, making the application process seamless.

Pre-fill forms, build trust in customer relationships, prevent exposure to origination fraud, mitigate account takeovers, and discover rich payment-specific insight. Ensure you know who your customer is. Or isn’t.

Why Mobile-to-Person Match (MPM) is next-level knowledge for your company...

Mobile-to-Person Match uses the mobile number of a customer and matches the name, address, postcode and date of birth, for example, given by them against the live data held by their mobile network operator. 

By using real-time data from the mobile operator, a business can confirm ownership of the mobile number being used in the customer journey, using first-party data to verify and pre-fill.

Privacy by design. Customer details are hashed, then matched, and not shared, within required consent guidelines (e.g., GDPR) ensuring verified personal data is approved pre-check.

Verified customer data. Validate that your customer’s mobile number belongs to a confirmed name and address using verified user data direct from their mobile operator.

For financial services and other use cases, you can verify your customer’s identity as part of your wider Anti-Money Laundering policy. 

Provide an uplift of customer verification using a relevant alternative source, such as mobile, gives you the opportunity to verify individuals you previously may have disregarded.


Use cases for applications using MPM are unlimited - the SIM's superpower means even we're discovering new use cases every day...

Financial Institutions:
Verify customer identity during account opening using mobile data.
Monitor transaction patterns and locations for suspicious activities.

Cryptocurrency Companies:
Authenticate users based on mobile usage patterns and history.
Detect and prevent SIM swapping fraud, do your KYC and AML.

Insurance Companies:
Verify customer information for policy applications using mobile data.
Monitor changes in customer data for potential fraudulent claims.

E-commerce Platforms:
Validate customer identity for secure transactions.
Detect and prevent account takeovers using mobile behaviour analysis.

Healthcare Providers:
Confirm patient identity for telehealth services.
Ensure compliance with regulations by verifying patient details.

Real Estate Agencies:
Verify the identity of property buyers and sellers.
Detect and prevent fraudulent property transactions.

Government Agencies:
Use mobile intelligence to enhance citizen identity verification.
Monitor for fraudulent activities related to social benefits.

Education Institutions:
Verify student identities for online courses or exams.
Prevent fraudulent enrollment in educational programs.

Ride-sharing Platforms:
Ensure the identity of both drivers and passengers.
Enhance the security of payment transactions.

Did we mention use cases are unlimited...

Travel and Hospitality Services:
Confirm the identity of travellers for bookings.
Detect and prevent fraudulent activities related to travel.

Peer-to-Peer Lending Platforms:
Verify borrower identities and assess creditworthiness.
Monitor for suspicious loan activities.

Gaming and Gambling Platforms:
Confirm the age and identity of users.
Detect and prevent fraudulent activities in online gaming like Bonus Abuse

Legal Services:
Verify the identity of clients for legal transactions.
Ensure compliance with regulations in legal matters.

Nonprofit Organisations:
Confirm the identity of donors for transparency.
Monitor for fraudulent fundraising activities.

Automotive Industry:
Verify customer identity for vehicle purchases and financing.
Prevent identity theft in the process of selling or buying vehicles.

Retail and Loyalty Programs:
Confirm customer identities for loyalty program participation.
Detect and prevent fraudulent use of loyalty points.

Human Resources and Recruitment:
Verify candidate identities during the hiring process.
Prevent resume and identity fraud in recruitment.

Streaming Revenue Protection:
Ensure a login is only valid for the purchaser.
Overlay account data with real-time mobile operator data for veracity.



Next-level application and customer matching with Mobile Intelligence from

Applications with the superpower of the SIM. Unlock a huge range of data signals from the SIM card, direct from the Mobile Operator. Unhackable and unspoofable, it’s the most secure, reliable and swift way to verify and authenticate your customer. Protect revenue, prevent fraud and ensure you know who your customer is. Or isn’t. 

Operator Coverage.

With direct connections to more than 75 mobile network operators on six continents (and growing),'s connections are the envy of the industry. We've done all the contracting hard work so you don't have to.

VIP onboarding. For everyone.

Our Sekura API Framework (SAFr) returns matches in milliseconds and can fulfil AML and KYC requirements with real-time, trusted and accurate insight into your customer making for most perfect onboard there is.

Global Reach. can currently reach 2.5 billion people. Our next milestone is 4 billion by Q4 2024 then the entire world by 2030. We aim for 100% mobile coverage in countries we operate in and we are covering more humans every month.


You're in good hands. Our team built the original Mobile Identity APIs used industry-wide and are the experts in implementing our super-simple connection. What others do in months, we can do in hours. Put us to the test.

Next steps.

Let’s say you’re interested. We’ll listen to you and your unique situation or pain points and only then recommend a bespoke solution if it works for you. You can test our awesome SAFr framework with a Proof of Concept (POC) and we’ll work with you to ensure you have help every step of the way. If you like what you see (and we’re pretty sure you will) and want to go ahead, then that’s great. You’ll be enjoying a superlative application experience in no time.


Help. Every step of the way.

Our customer, partner, onboarding, technology and delivery teams are all experts, totally knowledgable about what we can do (and what we can’t) and are all yours during your journey, from initial enquiry, to POC, to switching on live service. Mobile Intelligence is an awesome tool for payments and the service is just as awesome too.

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