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Chief Technology Officer


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Our Digital DNA – Gautam Hazari

Our Digital DNA

Without giving it much thought, we started to live double lives; there is our everyday, organic, physical life and then there is our Digital Life. This brings interesting challenges to our Identity. 

Our organic Identity is well established – it’s been developed over millions of years. The ‘Organic Me’ is more or less defined, but what is the ‘Digital Me’? Establishing the Digital Me is a great challenge, as the Internet does not have an Identity layer. 

The Organic Me is established without involving the individual being identified, it’s done using past personal narratives. The Digital Me actively involves the individual – by challenging them to prove their identity. 

This leads to an identity crisis in our digital life – the Organic Me and the Digital Me get out of synergy. We almost forget that there is a digital service: one which we use many times a day, one we can hardly live without it, and in this digital service, the Digital Me works beautifully in synergy with the Organic Me, where the service does not ask the individual to identify themselves. 

We even have a name for the fear of losing the device which gets us access to this service – “Nomophobia”. Yes, this is our phone and our mobile network service. 

Can we use this service to establish the Digital Me in our digital life? 

The answer is a resounding ‘Yes’.

Gautam Hazari is Sekura’s Chief Technology Officer and a Mobile Identity guru. He and his team have built the Sekura API Framework (SAFr). This unique platform connects in real-time to mobile operators to allow enterprises to build trust in their customers, prevent fraud and create awesome logins. works with the industry’s leading Identity vendors. Be part of our exclusive partner network and add best-in-class mobile identity services to your portfolio.

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