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Remove the reliance on Knowledge-Based Authentication when it comes to customer contact.

Use the superpower of the SIM card to remove your reliance on KBA, to ascertain identity and flag any significant changes.

KBA, also referred to as “shared secrets” or “shared secret questions,” is commonly used by banks, financial services companies and e-mail providers to prove the identity of the customer before allowing account access or, as a fall-back, if the user forgets their password.

KBA can be used to compromise accounts – if that information is freely given on social media or is in the public domain, it can be used in an account takeover. use the SIM card and a super-fast connection to the mobile operator to quickly match details in real-time, meaning your KBA is secure, accurate and passive, with no user input necessary, mitigating account takeovers.

Eliminate KBA Dependency - Remove the reliance on Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA) by leveraging mobile details for identity verification.

Secure identity verification:
Utilise SIM-based mobile intelligence to securely ascertain the identity of users, reducing the risk of unauthorised access.

Real-time identity changes monitoring:
Monitor and validate identity changes associated with the mobile number in real-time to ensure accurate and up-to-date customer information.

Active number status:
Determine if a mobile number is currently active for outbound communication, ensuring that messages and notifications reach the intended recipient.


Enhance trust and security with mobile intelligence.

Trustworthiness of inbound contacts:
Assess the trustworthiness of inbound contacts by verifying the legitimacy of the presented mobile number in real-time.

Fraud prevention:
Use SIM-based intelligence to detect and prevent fraudulent activities, ensuring the security of customer accounts.

Ad hoc step-up verification:
Implement adhoc step-up verification through a portal, allowing for additional identity checks when needed for heightened security.

Enhanced contact trust:
Increase confidence in inbound communications by confirming the trustworthiness of the presented mobile number through mobile intelligence.

Dynamic security measures:
Implement dynamic security measures based on real-time changes in mobile data to adapt to evolving security threats.

User-friendly authentication:
Ensure a seamless and user-friendly authentication process by using mobile details, eliminating the need for cumbersome KBA.

Streamlined user experience:
Improve the user experience by removing unnecessary authentication hurdles, making it easier for customers to access their accounts.

Reduced account takeover risks:
Mitigate the risks of account takeovers by proactively monitoring and validating changes in mobile-related data.



Data Consistency and Operational Efficiency.

Consistent customer data:
Maintain consistency in customer data by synchronising information with the latest details associated with their mobile number.

Notification accuracy:
Guarantee the accuracy of notifications by confirming the active status of the mobile number and avoiding attempts to contact inactive numbers.

Compliance with security standards:
Ensure compliance with security standards by relying on SIM-based mobile intelligence for identity verification and protection against unauthorised access.

Proactive fraud detection:
Detect and prevent fraud in real-time by leveraging mobile intelligence to identify suspicious activities and patterns.

Reduced account lockouts:
Minimise the risk of account lockouts by employing a more reliable and secure authentication method that doesn’t rely on easily forgotten knowledge-based information.

Efficient customer support:
Enhance customer support efficiency by reducing the need for lengthy verification processes, enabling quicker issue resolution.

Personalised security levels:
Implement personalised security levels based on the assessed risk associated with each user, providing tailored protection.

Adaptive authentication:
Implement adaptive authentication mechanisms that adjust the level of security based on the current state of the mobile data, ensuring a dynamic and robust security posture.




Next-level account and customer matching with Mobile Intelligence from

Build trust in your customer with the superpower of the SIM. Unlock a huge range of data signals from the SIM card, direct from the Mobile Operator. Unhackable and unspoofable, it’s the most secure, reliable and swift way to verify and authenticate your customer. Protect revenue, prevent fraud and ensure you know who your customer is. Or isn’t. 

Operator Coverage.

With direct connections to more than 75 mobile network operators on six continents (and growing),'s connections are the envy of the industry. We've done all the contracting hard work so you don't have to.

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Our Sekura API Framework (SAFr) returns matches in milliseconds and can fulfil AML and KYC requirements with real-time, trusted and accurate insight into your customer making for most perfect onboard there is.

Global Reach. can currently reach 2.5 billion people. Our next milestone is 4 billion by Q4 2024 then the entire world by 2030. We aim for 100% mobile coverage in countries we operate in and we are covering more humans every month.


You're in good hands. Our team built the original Mobile Identity APIs used industry-wide and are the experts in implementing our super-simple connection. What others do in months, we can do in hours. Put us to the test.

Next steps.

Let’s say you’re interested. We’ll listen to you and your unique situation or pain points and only then recommend a bespoke solution if it works for you. You can test our awesome SAFr framework with a Proof of Concept (POC) and we’ll work with you to ensure you have help every step of the way. If you like what you see (and we’re pretty sure you will) and want to go ahead, then that’s great. You’ll be enjoying a superlative account experience in no time.

Help. Every step of the way.

Our customer, partner, onboarding, technology and delivery teams are all experts, totally knowledgable about what we can do (and what we can’t) and are all yours during your journey, from initial enquiry, to POC, to switching on live service. Mobile Intelligence is an awesome tool for customer accounts and the service is just as awesome too.

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