SAFr Embrace.

Loyalty is becoming nigh on impossible to achieve; delivering an experience akin to a secure, comforting hug gives you a unique opportunity to create a lasting customer bond.

SAFr Embrace.

Mobile-to-person Match (MPM).

This direct-from-the-SIM card matching service uses secure mobile data directly, and in real-time, from mobile operators to check the accuracy of your customer’s core details and more besides..


SAFr Embrace.

Call Divert.

Call forward is a service that can be utilised to highlight any call setting anomalies which can provide invaluable insight during a customer journey involving an outbound call.

sms otp replacement
SAFr Embrace.

SIM Swap.

Powered by secure and verified real-time operator data, SIM Swap enables you to discover early and powerful account takeover fraud signals before approving a payment, transaction or accessing an account

SAFr Embrace.


Knowledge is the key to building trust in your customer – identify genuine, trusted customers with the power of the SIM card: a simple but devastatingly effective verification tool.

SAFr Pulse | Operator Lookup
SAFr Embrace.

Operator Lookup.

Operator Lookup & Operator Lookup Plus are APIs that return the home network of a mobile number as well as other basic attributes that can be used in simple validation checks.


SAFr Pulse

A phone number is a conduit to someone’s digital persona; you get your first phone around the age of eleven and establish a presence online from then. 

A tenure of relationship you can leverage to facilitate positive experiences. 

However, we lose touch, but It’s essential you know whether that number is still reachable before you try anything else. 


SAFr Smile

Smile - Sekura-id
Establishing trust digitally continues to be a challenge. aims to provide a smile underpinned by technology. SAFr Smile comprises tools like our flagship SAFr Auth, Tenure, SIM Swap and Scam Detect.

Think of SAFr Smile as the welcome to the store, the beginning of a trust relationship or perhaps the start of a beautiful friendship.


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