SAFr Login

The perfect customer login is easy to provide when you have the superpower of the SIM...

Offer an awesome VIP login experience to every customer.

Secure. Frictionless. Passwordless. With all the cryptography and device binding of already in the SIM, there is no better, more secure and easier way to log in your customer.

Imagine securely logging in with no username, no password and no SMS OTP or app 2FA. It’s a reality with SAFr Auth from – reduce fraud, prevent exposure to scams and maybe even discover rich insight into who your customer is, all whilst giving them an awesome login experience…

Passwordless, 2FA-less, secure and friction-free logins through the SIM card. Awesome logins that customers love...

Better than traditional logins in almost every way. Here's just a few of the benefits...

"Why should I make the switch?" - good question...

Simply, progress; name one person who likes the current username/password/2FA system. Exactly. SAFr Auth has been developed to replace the old-school. clunky system that we all know and hate. 

Nothing makes a customer disappear quicker than friction; customers are expensive to acquire, and they’ll come for the swift and easy login and stay for the easy return to your store, app or service. Still need convincing..?

Transform your customers' login experience with Mobile Intelligence from

Customer love logging in with the superpower of the SIM. Unhackable and unspoofable, it’s the most secure, reliable and swift way to log in your customer. See fewer abandoned carts, lower drop-off numbers and more users. And improved revenue. Think of it as a VIP experience for every single customer…

Operator Coverage.

With direct connections to more than 75 mobile network operators on six continents (and growing),'s connections are the envy of the industry. We've done all the contracting hard work so you don't have to.

VIP onboarding. For everyone.

Our Sekura API Framework (SAFr) returns matches in milliseconds and can fulfil AML and KYC requirements with real-time, trusted and accurate insight into your customer making for most perfect onboard there is.

Global Reach. can currently reach 2.5 billion people. Our next milestone is 4 billion by Q4 2024 then the entire world by 2030. We aim for 100% mobile coverage in countries we operate in and are reaching more humans every month.


You're in good hands. Our team built the original Mobile Identity APIs used industry-wide and are the experts in implementing our super-simple connection. What others do in months, we can do in hours. Put us to the test.

Next steps.

Let’s say you’re interested. We’ll listen to you and your unique situation or pain points and only then recommend a bespoke solution if it works for you. You can test our awesome SAFr framework with a Proof of Concept (POC) and we’ll work with you to ensure you have help every step of the way. If you like what you see (and we’re pretty sure you will) and want to go ahead, then that’s great. You’ll be onboarding beautifully in no time.

Help. Every step of the way.

Our customer, partner, onboarding, technology and delivery teams are all experts, totally knowledgable about what we can do (and what we can’t) and are all yours during your journey, from initial enquiry, to POC, to switching on live service. Mobile Intelligence is an awesome tool for onboarding and the service is just as awesome too.

To learn more about how you can log in your customers like VIPs... works with the industry’s leading Identity vendors. Be part of our exclusive partner network and add best-in-class mobile identity services to your portfolio.

Already on six continents, we’re on a mission to provide truly global mobile identity coverage, Unlock your mobile network’s potential by working with