Sekura Operator Team Spotlight

About Vijay Nair

Prior to running the Sekura.id commercial team, Vijay Nair built over 22 years’ experience working in international telecoms solutions, with a focus on mobility solutions, managed services and telecoms engineering. Whilst working in international outsourcing organisations such as Larsen & Toubro, GSMA, GTL Ltd, Dimension Data and others he held Global Account Management roles on accounts such as France Telecom, Google, Alcatel, Ciena and many more.

Vijay joined the Sekura.id leadership team in mid-2020 and is responsible for managing our operator supply. He leads a team of experienced senior Telco professionals whose role is to enable and maximise Sekura.id’s global Mobile Intelligence coverage.

Vijay offers his insights into how the market has accelerated over the past couple of years and how Sekura.id can assist operators to optimize their subscriber data to take advantage of this rapid growth.

Mobile Intelligence is the key to unlock online business & reduce fraud

As more businesses move online with digital and international commerce propositions, the Identity market is now on a truly international scale. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, GSMA estimated an Identity market size of approximately £85bn per year on a base of 5.6bn global mobile phone users. The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of online processes by several years, and increasing online transactions bring an associated upswing in fraud. Sekura.id helps our customers utilise mobile operator subscriber, device and network data to offer frictionless, data-driven services that help verify customers and reduce fraud.

Benefits to Mobile Operators

Mobile operators possess unique assets such as their network, services, distribution and reach, but their key asset is their subscriber data. Sekura.id enables our mobile operator partners to optimise this in the following ways:

Monetizing a valuable asset

Sekura.id helps mobile operators mobilise their subscriber data asset by providing a single API to our customers to consume mobile data from multiple mobile operators in a market, enabling them to create a smooth, secure user experience that is secure and compliant. Given the explosion in growth of mobile commerce, there is considerable benefit for mobile operators to unlock. Sekura.id serves global customers who are the key drivers to our expanding geographical footprint.

Simplified service

We make it simple to integrate. Our single, standards-based API provides access to a service platform uniquely architected for low-latency, accelerated consumption of real-time operator identity data with the strictest data privacy regulations in mind. Behind the single customer API sits multiple global operator connections providing access to an enabled base of well over 1 billion end users.

Helping unlock your Enterprise customer potential

For mobile operators with enterprise customer accounts, Sekura.id can arm your business teams with Mobile Identity services, not just from your network, but other networks as well.

Unrivalled mobile ecosystem experience

Team Sekura.id has market-leading collective experience in the mobile identity industry. As key drivers in mobile identity with a track record including GSMA Identity program, mobile operator commercial and product innovation roles and the authoring of key identity industry frameworks, we are recognised as being among top 100 global influencers in the digital identity industry. We can provide valuable insight into how mobile subscriber data can be unlocked to the best effect.

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